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There was no sound from the hallway.

Thet's right,” interjected Jeb. Thet's what they do say, an' this here Oskaloosie Kid said they heered things las' night an' seed a dead man on the floor, didn't he M'randy?” M'randy nodded her head.

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The boy, evidently shamed, released his hold upon Bridge and moved away. I am sorry,” he said. I'll try to do better; but, Oh! I was so frightened. You cannot imagine how frightened I was.”

By gol!” cried Jeb Case; I hearn them devils go by last night 'bout midnight er after. 'T woke me up. They must o' ben goin' sixty mile an hour. Er say,” he stopped to scratch his head. Mebby it was tramps. They must a ben a score on 'em round here yesterday and las' night an' agin this mornin'. I never seed so dum many bums in my life.”

Over a low hill they followed the muddy road and down into a dark and gloomy ravine. In a little open space to the right of the road a flash of lightning revealed the outlines of a building a hundred yards from the rickety and decaying fence which bordered the Squibbs' farm and separated it from the road.

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