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how much does a professional portrait cost

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No, Lucy,” said Maggie, shaking her head slowly, I don’t enjoy their happiness as you do, else I should be more contented. I do feel for them when they are in trouble; I don’t think I could ever bear to make any one un_happy; and yet I often hate myself, because I get angry sometimes at the sight of happy people. I think I get worse as I get older, more selfish. That seems very dreadful.”

Now, you’re just wrong there, Miss Maggie!” said Tom, secretly astonished. You think you’re very wise! But ‘bonus’ means ‘good,’ as it happens — bonus, bona, bonum.”

No, no; good-by,” said he, turning his horse’s head, and riding away.

There’s the ‘pills as before’ every other night, and the new drops at eleven and four, and the ‘fervescing mixture ‘when agreeable,’” rehearsed Mr. Pullet, with a punctuation determined by a lozenge on his tongue.


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