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  And they brought us parrots and cotton-thread in skeins, and javelins andmany other things. And they bartered them with us for other things, whichwe gave them, such as little glass beads and little bells. In short, they took everything, and gave of what they had with good will. But it seemed to methat they were a people very destitute of everything.

  He did it immediately, as I believe, more from timidity than from choice.

  Once more he found that the people had fled, but "after a good while aman appeared," and the Admiral sent ashore one of the Indians he hadwith him. This man shouted to the Indians on shore that they must not be afraid, as these were good people, and did harm to no man, nor did theybelong to the Grand Khan, but they gave, of what they had, in manyislands where they had been. He now jumped into the sea and swamashore, and two of the inhabitants took him in their arms and brought himto a house where they asked him questions. When he had reassured them,they began to come out to the ships in their canoes, with "spun cotton andothers of their little things." But the Admiral commanded that nothingshould be taken from them, so that they might know that he was seekingnothing but gold, or, as they called it, nucay.

  His journal of the voyage ends with these words: "I see by this voyagethat God has wonderfully proved what I say, as anybody may convincehimself, by reading this narrative, by the signal wonders which he hasworked during the course of my voyage, and in favor of myself, who havebeen for so long a time at the court of your Highnesses in opposition andcontrary to the opinions of so many distinguished personages of yourhousehold, who all opposed me, treating my project as a dream, and myundertaking as a chimera. And I hope still, nevertheless, in our Lord, thisvoyage will bring the greatest honor to Christianity, although it has beenperformed with so much ease."

  "And I strove attentively to learn whether there were gold. And I sawthat some of them had a little piece of gold hung in a hole which they havein their noses. And by signs I was able to understand that going to thesouth, or going round the island to the southward, there was a king therewho had great vessels of it, and had very much of it. I tried to persuadethem to go there; and afterward I saw that they did not understand aboutgoing.[*]

  Two officers of Columbus, Porras and his brother, led the sedition.

  The frightened Spaniards threw overboard everything they could spare,retaining their arms only, and a part of their provisions. They evencompelled the Indians to leap into the sea to lighten the boats, but, thoughthey were skillful swimmers, they could not pretend to make land byswimming. They kept to the canoes, therefore, and would occasionallyseize them to recover breath. The cruel Spaniards cut off their hands andstabbed them with their swords. Thus eighteen of their Indian comradesdied, and they had none left, but such as were of most help in managingthe canoes. Once on land, they doubted whether to make another effort orto return to Columbus.

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