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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-01-14 21:40:48
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"Only that you are with me," said Irene; "and you will be with me all my lifewon't you, little darling?"

"Don't be silly, Irene. Now, I am going to see Miss Frost. You ought to come with me to beg her pardon; but perhaps when she is well enough to be up you will do so."

By-and-by the girls reached the pool. They both fell on their knees, and Rosamund desired Irene to gaze at her reflection.


"I don't think she will be able to stand that. I don't see how you can expect it."

"I believe I am very tired too. I will promise to be quite good while you are away, so you need not have any anxiety on my account, darling," said Irene; and she kissed Rosamund several times.


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